I pray we’ll meet again.

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Concept Art for The Elder Scrolls Online

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Cinderella’s Castle from Disney land!
シンデレラ城  東京ディズニーランド
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Cinderella’s Castle from Disney land!

シンデレラ城  東京ディズニーランド

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Character Design from Tarzan by Glen Keane

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Box Presents: The Dam Keeper Project

Behind the scenes of the upcoming collaboration between Pixar artists

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don’t cross oceans for people who wouldn’t cross a puddle for you.

No, do it. Do cross oceans for people. Love people, all people. No conditions attached, no wondering wether or not they’re worthy. Cross oceans, climb mountains. Life and love isn’t about what you gain, it’s about what you give.

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current sexuality: the new Will Graham.

Someday my art skills will come

Someday my art skills will come

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Sainte-Chapelle [x]

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