People need to listen to this song, it is not common but it is truly beautiful

It comes from the movie Sunshine and is composed by John Murphy

basic post worth listening to though!

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Visually stunning movies Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Cinematography by Bruno Delbonnel

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J.K. Rowling on Disabilities and Illnesses

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I’ll be honest. I’m not quite sure what to think. On the one hand, I find myself thinking, ‘Not good enough.’ On the other hand, the information that’s presented is…interesting. I’m not sure how to feel about the fact that Muggle disabilities are immediately cured in the wizarding world. Thoughts?

It makes sense, I think. Of course it would be simple to cure themselves from muggle ailments (it’s magic! Magic is the solution!), but curing themselves from magical injuries is far more complicated since they haven’t got an “advanced system” to cure these ailments. Magic causes the harm, and the only way to fix themselves is with spells and potions, that aren’t even that advanced.

It’s not like people are making up new spells every day! The wolfsbane potion, for example, was only “just” discovered (in a sense that there have been werewolves for centuries), but it still doesn’t cure werewolves completely of their cycle.

I personally like J.K. Rowling’s perspective, and I think she did a great job. Wizards aren’t indestructible, but they can’t bite it from the flu (probably another reason why pure bloods don’t like muggle-borns much. They could bring new sicknesses, and pure bloods see themselves as higher beings. They’re higher in status and in health).

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Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks (8-bit Cover)

It it possible to marry a song? Because holy fuck, this is amazing

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"Why did you bring me here?""I couldn’t just let them kill you."

"Why did you bring me here?"
"I couldn’t just let them kill you."

Anna makeup test. I felt adorable.

Couple Married 61 Years Ago Takes “Up” Inspired Anniversary Photos via

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"A fool who loved his king too much."

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hey didney. i noticed you’re starting to do the dreamworks thing

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Bring me some pie!

Bring me some pie!

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Beggar’s Prayer
Emiliana Torrini 

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